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Proof of Concept Laboratory/ Centre of Excellence in Information Technology

The Committee has established a pilot POCL/ CEIT at Chennai to provide practical hands-on training and exposure to members in emerging IT Areas by offering focused training programmes for their development and training in IT Area. The Committee would be implementing POCL’s at Mumbai Delhi as a part of the Mission 2006 programme of the Institute.

The pilot Proof of Concept Laboratory/ Centre of Excellence in Information Technology at Chennai is now operational to provide practical technology exposure to members by providing hands-on workshops on key areas. Workshops on IS Audit of Banks and use of CAAT tools are being organized every month for the benefit of members.

One of the objectives of setting up the Centre of Excellence, for Members of ICAI is to enable them to have practical exposure under various Product Scenarios. These Centres would initiate them to be comfortable in using IT Products / Tools of Technology and specifically acquire expertise, to enable them to work in a competitive IT Environment. These Centres will provide facilities to Deploy, Learn, Configure and Audit various IT Solutions. They will also act as a Laboratory for setting standards of Professional Excellence. The Members will have the facility to Learn, Practice and Test their skills in a practical manner including hands on access to Accounting Packages and mid-sized ERPs.

The hardware and software set up in the lab could be used as a system for training.

The training could cover

  • Information systems audit, vulnerability to threat, security and risk assessments.
  • Accounting and implementation and post implementation audit of ERP / Banking software
  • Audit of ERP / Banking Software
  • Use of generalised software in audit
  • Controls to be verified in various ERP / Banking products

Training Methodology

The Training could cover

  • IT awareness;
  • IT methods awareness;
  • IT audit standards, organisation and management

These training programmes would ensure that Chartered Accountants would meet with the needs of–

  • Specific Audit
  • Examining/ developing systems
  • Auditing IT security
  • Fraud Examination
  • Using Computer Assisted Audit Techniques
  • Developing Computer Assisted Audit Techniques

While the Proof of Concept Laboratory would enable them to visit the laboratory physically and take their instructions, it is also proposed to make the facility available through the net for outstation candidates. The concept is first of its kind in our country and in our Institute and this can be extended to other centres at a later point of time.

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